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Monday, September 22, 2014 | 5:39 PM | 3 comment
Heyyoo~ Konnichiwa minna-san owo I get a tag from Dza hohoh Forget it~
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Oke I tagged you you and you(?)

Okee 7 things about me right?  Just 7? Not more?  Ok! check this out~

  • Forgetful Girl 
That's first things about me  Im a very forgetfull personn  Oneday, I very need my modem for do my school homework but, Im forget where I put it. And I findd my modem on a trash  

  • Japan Addict
Maybe people also know it  Firstly, what I like about Japan is only Japanese CultureBut, over time(?) I started to like Anime,Manga,and others  

  • Hairstyler
Maybe Im a hairstyler  So, every I goes to school or many places, my hairstyles always changed  But be adapted with my activities ^^ If for school I wear a simple hairstyle  Ex: triple bride, kitty hair, etc.

  • Gamers 
Im a gamers  started play games in the 6th grade   The game that untill now I playing are Audition ayodance,Seal Online,Celestial Luna,Spirit Tales  Others? Never updated  Etto on webgame I playing Dragon Pals .If androgame I playing OSU droid and others. Actually the game yang sama mainin masih banyaakkk tapi kalo disebutin semua, this post never finished(?)

  • Bracelet Collections
Thats my hobbies  Yeah! I like bracelet so much Etto kira kira saya sudah mengoleksi 60an gelang. Setiap gelang digunakan untuk kebutuhan/acara tertentu.
  • Paling Males Sisiran
Kalau ini nih bikin sebel banget  saya paling males yang namanya sisiran soalnya rambut pas panjang terus kusut jadi sebel banget nyisirnya   
  • Humor
Hahah ini nih Aku itu termasuk orang yang suka ngegangguin temen,ngebully,dsb :v banyak orang bilang mereka suka gaya saya ._.  #Katanya sih XD

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Blogger Veronica said...

I'm also a very forgetful person!!! It's really frustrating sometimes when you misplace things :') *sob*

Blogger Ghita Yogisuari said...

Thats true :")

Blogger hengki krismanto said...

dimana dowload lagu blog ini kk yang sama persis kayak lagu blog ini


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