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A Sweet Birthday Moment On 12th February 2014

Tuesday, October 14, 2014 | 7:42 AM | 4 comment

Heyy, today I wanna share my sweet birthday moment on 12th February 2014 ._. It was so late right? yes i know that but its no problem ~ OwO

I ever have a boyfriend. He is my senior in the junior high school . I never imagine that I can be him. We have been in relationship for 8 months. He always treat me like I’m the only one. So happy being him.
Night on 11th February, I and him was fight/?  I cried.  I think "tomorrow is really a bad birthday moment for me". But on 12th morning, when I checked my inbox, there was a messege from him. I was so happy to read that message.

Btw, he was not a romantic guy, before my birthday he told me that he would bought some gift for me. What an annoying thing it was. He should not say that to me, just went and bought that gift. I love surprise so much but he told me about buying me a gift open. I wanted to pinch him at that time.

Then, in the afternoon before going home. He gave me the gifts that had bought by him.He gave me a doll, an abstract doll TwT I was so happy get it from him but I think " Why gave me thing like that ?because it would be useless "
And after that I going my home, I heard someone knocked my home door, and I opened.. anddddd I get a sweets surprise from all of my besties.I couldn’t believe it. >_<  They're singing a birthday song >< Like this "Happy birthday ghita, happy birthday ghita, Happy birthday happy birthday, Happy birthday ghita".  I felt like “Noo, how sweet it”.  I wanted to run so farrrr and said thank you for them. >< My besties gave me a cute tart and others gift ><
Next day, 13th February I get some gift from Dicky and Bella >< I get a action manga and cute chocolate XD

Next, 14th February I get a birthday gift againnn >< from Aisy and Naura ><

And on 15th February, thats my 3month Anniversarry Day with my honey wkwk XD And I got a surprise again!! >< He came to my classroom,call me, and he gave me a gift wkwk XD All people and my junior on my school watch it *blush* I got a white chocholate and the shape is cute bear with love in center XD

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Blogger Arisa Nya said...

what a sweet story
4 hari berturut turut dapet kado. btw bonekanya lucu :3

Blogger Ghita Yogisuari said...

Huwah terimakasih XD ;;)

Blogger Alifnisla F said...

happy birthday yaaa,semoga langgeng with ur bf :3

Blogger Ghita Yogisuari said...

i hope that too :3 ulangtahun saya sudah lewat XD /takapalah


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