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Hello dear!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016 | 10:36 AM | 1 comment

Heyyo minnaa~ Sorry for long time didn't update anything ;-; I don't have so many time to write a post because I'm so busy ;u; Now I'm on 13th curiculum and its make me feel t-tired and so lazy to open this blog ;;-;;

Then sorry for all who post on my tagboard and comment on my entry, I can't answer ur message 'cause it so lately to replied ur message dearr )); and I want tell you something..
1. Ex-link and banner are closed gomenn ;-; If you already put my link/banner on ur blog you can delete it((:
2. Wanna ask me something? you can ask me on my account here [active]. And sorry if you ask me on my tagboard or my entry, maybe I can't ans ur question on time.-.
3.  Maybe I'm gonna change my theme in my blog xD hm I think blue is so cutee ><
4. People always ask me like "what song did you use on your blog?" hoho okay it's a song from vocaloid "Just Be Friends" in music box ver.

That's all I want to announce to all my readerss. And sankyuu for support my blog so the page visitors is keep increasing when I'm hiatus. See you next timeee~~


Blogger Arisa Nya said...

Long time no see~ I know how you feel about 2013 curriculum, so many homework and task T^T
Because I like blue so I'll wait your blue-theme blog :D


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